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October Reading

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The Guilford Poets Guild is excited to present poet Gray Jacobik as featured reader on Thursday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m in The Greene Art Gallery, 29 Whitfield Street (behind Whitfield’s on Guilford Green). Gray Jacobik lives in Deep River, Connecticut. Her collections include Brave Disguises (AWP Poetry Prize, Pittsburgh UP 2002), The Surface of Last Scattering (X. J. Kennedy Prize, Texas Review Press 1999) and The Double Task (Juniper Prize, UMASS Press, 1998).  A memoir-in-verse, Little Boy Blue, is forthcoming for CavanKerry.

Refreshments will be served, and there will be an open mic beginning at 7:00 for the first 5 who sign up.


Each time I look up from my task, more

russet spinners speckle the air. Called,

it seems, I walk to the porch to hear

the tick-tick as each adds itself to

the already-down––rustle and tumble

then the soft hush––abrasions of gutter

flutter. Sometimes a slight breeze stirs

the trees and the sky becomes patterned

with progress; at other times, no force

except the final severing encoded in that

tripled-tiered layer of cells at the base

of each stem, botanical cushion designed

for departures, fulfilling its purpose

since winter nears and leaves are liabilities.

Every now and then a leaf takes a long

slow ride, whirls down with regular

oscillations—a plate-spinner’s best effort.

Others wobble crazily as if anxious to land,

a few skip and dip like water-skimmers, then

topple pell-mell into a mêlée of discards.