Guilford Poets Guild Welcomes Gemma Mathewson for September Reading

The Guilford Poets Guild welcomes poet Gemma Mathewson for its September Second Thursday poetry reading to be held on Thursday, September 12 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Guilford Free Library.

Gemma offers her biography as only a poet can…in monosyllabic pairs:

birth: down and out, childhood: black and blue, adolescence: sturm und drang,
high school: hard to take, college: peace and luv, education: hit or miss,
social life: hide and seek, friendships: ebb and flow, saving grace: rock and roll,
downfall: rise and shine, twenties: lost and found, marriage: give and take,
children: first and last, cars: scratch and dent, 30s: good and bad,
40s: sick and tired, 50s: love and death, 60s: here and now,
grandchildren: hug and kiss, heart: ice and fire, ambition: slim to none,
standards: hard to please, fear: wrack and ruin, joy: heart to heart,
style: rag an bone, enthusiasms: read and weep & hunt and peck & point and click
& pen and ink, energy: dribs and drabs, strategy: hand to mouth,
motto: “each by each,” yearnings: far and wide, finale: wait and see

Gemma is co-host of Pi (Poetry Institute, New Haven) with Mark McGuire-Schwartz and co-produces Poetry of Immigrants public access TV Shows with Frank Crowley. Her book The Museum of Rain, a collection of poems spanning the last 14 years, will be released later in the fall. You can read more of her work on her website:

Remember to bring your own poem to share during the Open Mic which is open to accomplished and aspiring poets of all ages wishing to present one original composition to a live audience. Refreshments will be served after the reading. This event is free and open to the public.

Upcoming events include: September 26 – Guilford Performing Arts Festival, Guilford Poets Guild at Breakwater Books; October 10 – Norman Thomas Marshall & Elizabeth Possidente Second Thursday Poetry Series; November 14 – Book Launch and Readings from the GPG 20th Anniversary Anthology; December 12 – Holiday Roundtable.

The Guilford Poets Guild is a group of award-winning, published poets from the shoreline who meet regularly to share poems and promote the love and engagement of poetry within the community. Throughout the year the GPG hosts a number of poetry readings including its popular Second Thursday Poetry Series, a Holiday Roundtable, the Guilford High School Poetry Contest, and coordinates poetry/art events with Guilford Art Center, the Madison Art Society and the Florence Griswold Museum. The Guild is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and its third anthology of poems, Our Changing Environment, is due out this fall.

The Guilford Free Library is located at 67 Park Street in Guilford. Please register by phone (203-453-8282), online ( or in person. For more information about the Guilford Poets Guild, visit

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