Guilford Poets Guild Celebrates National Poetry Month

The Guilford Poets Guild will celebrate National Poetry Month remotely this year, with a series of poetic posts here on its new and updated website. Members of the guild will be sharing their experiences as poets in a series of online interviews, as well as some of their favorite books and poems. Plus, learn about “30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month at Home or Online,” and more.

The GPG is a group of award-winning, published poets from the shoreline who meet regularly to share poems and promote the love and engagement of poetry within the community. Throughout the year the GPG hosts a number of poetry readings including its popular Second Thursday Poetry Series, a Holiday Roundtable, the Guilford High School Poetry Contest, and coordinates poetry/art events with Guilford Art Center, the Madison Art Society and the Florence Griswold Museum.

Membership is by invitation, and current members are Carol Leavitt Altieri, Evelyn Atreya, Gwen Gunn, Juliana Harris, Margaret Iacobellis, Karen Gronback Johnson, Norman Thomas Marshall, Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely, Jane Muir, Old Saybrook Poet Laureate Patricia Horn O’Brien, Sharon Olson, Jennifer A. Payne, Elizabeth Possidente, Jane Ulrich, Edward Walker, and Guilford Poet Laureate Gordy Whiteman.

The Guild recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with the publication of its third anthology of poems, Our Changing Environment. You can support your local bookstore by purchasing copies from Breakwater Books in Guilford.

For more information about the Guilford Poets Guild, follow our Facebook page, @guilfordpoetsguild.

National Poetry Month poster, with permission from the Academy of American Poets. Artwork by Samantha Aikman

3 thoughts on “Guilford Poets Guild Celebrates National Poetry Month

  1. Your group is amazing and so dedicated. I was honored to have been invited to read for your series. Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy
    Best to all of you
    Bessy Reyna

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