Poet Jane Muir

In celebration of National Poetry Month, members of the Guilford Poets Guild were invited to share their thoughts about poetry and the life of a poet. Here’s what poet Jane Muir had to say:

I remember my first poem. I was 7 or 8. Maybe younger:

My cat has fur as soft as silk.
She likes to drink big bowls of milk.
She can climb a tree.
But when she sees me.
She jumps down upon the ground.

Just goes to show there’s always room for improvement.

Books I’m reading now: a Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman. It’s about the bubonic plague. Makes today’s Coronavirus look like a walk in the park.

Poet Jane Muir was born at the outset of the Great Depression — and things have been on the upswing ever since. She graduated from Connecticut College for Women — now coed and just Connecticut College. She worked in publishing and advertising before becoming a full-time Mom. She moved to Guilford twenty-five years ago, took poetry courses at Southern and joined the Guilford Poets Guild, where she has been chair and co-chair. Her poetry collection, Bulletin From Suburbia was published in 2018.

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