Poems in a Pandemic: The Unexpected

by Daniel Goldberg

Spring is oblivious to human difficulties,
Why should she care about our cares,
Forsythia and Daffodils usually bloom
Their sunny yellow smiles.

But this year, the Forsythia bloomed
…….And she was sad,
Not the sunny yellow of yesteryears,
Even the Daffodils seemed
Not to smile, but bowed their heads.

We mask our sadness, our boredom,
Our restlessness, our loneliness.
Eyes meet eyes, but not our grins.

We live in the large, the unfathomable,
The pinwheel of the Milky Way,
Our home, vast and mysterious;
Yet, it’s the little things that trip us up,
The unseen, the reshuffled deck,
The unexpected cosmic curveball.

Elemental forces appear, like four
Galloping chariot horses,
Thundering towards us, unwelcome.

Yes, I think it’s time to wash our hands,
Dream of better times, love, care, smile.

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