GPG Members in Moses Gunn Theater Company Fun Raiser Play Reading – Saturday May 13th at 2pm.

Photo credit: Polina Kovaleva

Join GPG Members for a FUN RAISER on Saturday May 13th at 2pm!

We are committed to presenting high quality, entertaining play readings for the Shoreline community.

We will be presenting a reading of SWAN SONG by Anton Chekov, adapted by Norman Marshall on May 13th, 2023 acted by Julie Fitzpatrick and Norman Marshall.

We’ll have drinks and snacks at 2PM and the play will commence at 3PM.

The FUN RAISER will be held at 395 Nut Plains Road in Guilford – let’s hope for sunshine and bring a chair if convenient.

The story of the play concerns an elderly actor on the night of his final performance. In his cups, he falls asleep backstage in an inconspicuous place and awakes in the middle of the night to find himself locked in. The charwoman who cleans the theatre arrives and they begin a conversation about the theatre. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the theatre in general, and of the old actor in particular. Delightful interactions ensue.


In the unfortunate event you are unable to attend, all is not lost, checks are still welcome 🙂

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