Poems in a Pandemic: A Poem in the Pandemic?

by Margaret Iacobellis

You should, they said, be able to write lots of poetry,
it’s very quiet now you are confined at home
you are free to do what you want, you can choose
your words. You must be filled with words!

Perhaps, but……but
there are no happy trails
filled with synonyms or rhymes with happy singing

No, there are no outlets which are unexplored.
All drawers are cleaned out. All closets closed
Each bookcase shelf dusted and reviewed
Then replaced exactly as before or joining the
tall tall pile of unwanteds now dusty with age
or filled with useless wordage

Even the discovery of a long lost photograph
brings only pain. A smiling face. no longer
here but……but……where?

No……no happy trails the cost to leave now
too high to pay.