Guilford Poets Guild Member in Guilford Performing Arts Festival

Guilford Poets Guild Member Julie Fitzpatrick, Winner of the 2020 Artist Award Grant for Spoken Word, will be presenting her new work, “All the World’s a Stage: A Guilford (Pandemic) Love Story” on September 25th at 12 noon on the Guilford Green.

Fitzpatrick interviewed more than 70 Guilford residents to create her spoken-word piece, which interweaves Shakespeare’s insights with pandemic tales and local love stories. “All the World’s a Stage” examines love in its many forms—showing how and where it can appear in places obvious and unexpected, and how it has the capacity to lift up and unite people.

The show will feature five female performers who represent many diverse facets of the Guilford community: Stephanie Little Brown, Dana Canaveri, Alice Chen, Victoria Newman and Meg Teape. Christina Stevens will provide ASL (sign language) interpretation. Julie will play the Poet Narrator of the piece. More information on the exciting upcoming festival can be found at:

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