Moses Gunn Play Co. presents “Mothers and Daughters,” a play reading by John Von Hartz on Saturday, June 18 at 2 pm featuring GPG Members

Photo of actress Primi Carey
After a long viral hiatus, the MOSES GUNN PLAY COMPANY resumes its play-reading series at the Guilford Free Library. Saturday’s featured work is MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS by John Von Hartz which was successfully produced in New York. Mel Gussow of the New York Times praised the play, writing “The interrelationships in a close, mutually dependent family of women—grandmother, mother and daughter— are examined with humor and perspicacity in John von Hartz’s new play, ‘Mothers and Daughters… What makes the work appealing is that it is not always clear to us or to the characters which one is acting as the mother and which is acting as the daughter…The play has an endearing protagonist and a theme—mothers and daughters who are ‘blood sisters and best friends’ as well as rivals— that strikes a chord of universality.’

Please register for the play reading here:

The MGPC has, to date, performed two other plays by Von Hartz, A MAN IN THE HOUSE and OFF-SEASON. The cast on Saturday will include MGPC veterans Primi Carey, Norman Marshall, Susan Jacobson, Julie Fitzpatrick and Carolyn Marble.

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